The Navigators program will empower teams to experiment, build, and deploy on Mina 💜.

<aside> ⛵ Growth Track applications can be sent via this link. Please ensure you read the docs below to understand the process.


Navigators S2.png

The Navigators grant program is designed for teams which are in the early to mid lifecycle of their project. The Navigators grant program provides support via growth or starter grants.

The goal of the program is to fund at least 100 projects that enhance the Mina ecosystem over the course of this year.

What are the types of grants supported by the program?

There are two tracks for grants:

  1. **Starter:** Suited for ****teams that are new to the Mina ecosystem. Teams will be awarded 5,000 MINA to build a project over one month. This is an invite-only program and currently not accepting applications.
  2. Growth: Suited for experienced teams in the web3/Mina ecosystem. Teams will be awarded up to 30,000 MINA to build a project that enriches the Mina ecosystem and pushes it forward, be it tooling, infrastructure, or a zkApp over 1-3 Months.

Both tracks are milestone-based based and teams will need to submit a proposal which outlines at least one mid-point milestone and the final deliverable(s) in detail. For more information, please see the pages for each respective track.

The builders in the program will have guidance from members of the Navigators exploration team.